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Tenor Horn Support Stand
Bass Trombone Support Stand
FlugeHorn Support Stand
Baritone Horn Support Stand
Baritone Horn Support Stand

A video introduction to the BrassSupport

The BrassSupport is a stand for players that attaches to all brass instruments, an aid to relieving neck and back pain, an affordable option. it transfers the weight of heavy brass instruments to the floor or a chair,  it is easily attached and removed, it requires minimum permanent fixings to your instrument.
Brass instruments not only require the lifting of heavy instruments, but also  constant support once you the have instrument in a playing position, this causes the muscles to be in constant tension whilst playing. Many brass players experience physical discomfort, ranging from wrist and arm paintendinitisshoulder problems, to neck strain and chronic upper and lower back pain.
After years of practicing and playing, holding a heavy metal instrument in same position causes stress and increasing tension in our muscles. Stretching the muscles in the front of the body whilst strengthening the muscles in the back can go a long way to helping alleviate this tension and therefor pain.

  • Pain Relief: BrassSupport offers an inexpensive solution for relieving neck and back pain associated with playing heavy brass instruments.
  • Versatile Attachment Options: The support transfers instrument weight to the floor, a chair, or even a marching harness. It attaches easily and requires no permanent fixings on the instrument.
  • Customizable Installation: Due to the diverse nature of brass instruments, BrassSupport provides sample attachment images but encourages users to experiment for the most comfortable and suitable setup for their playing style.
  • Additional Protective Features: Each BrassSupport is shipped with four extra adhesive rubber jaw protectors, emphasizing the importance of avoiding over-tightening to prevent damage.
  • Flexible Usage: BrassSupport can be utilized while seated, on a bar stool, with a marching harness, or, with an extension, while standing. It accommodates all brass instruments without requiring permanent attachment, ensuring easy removal in minutes.

For those of you out there who are critical of body and hand positioning, please be aware that I am not a brass player.

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My good friend Mike Keogh Trombone and Trumpet extraordinaire! My first customer.

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